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Stone Work

Stone Work

At Swannell Paving and Landscaping we are passionate about creating beautiful finishes with stone. Justin has dedicated his career to refining and mastering his stone Work skills using the region’s iconic sandstone and a range of innovative stone and masonry products that have become available.

Why Should I Choose Natural Stone?

Whether you’re a home owner, designer, or architect there’s no matching the pride you’ll feel when you see the breathtaking allure stone adds to your project. Using stone in your new or renovated property not only enhance your home’s appearance, but also add significantly to its value.

Natural stone is held in high regard as a premier building material because it reflects unique character, stability, excellent durability and is virtually maintenance free. In addition, natural stone has an appearance that literally improves with age and can last a lifetime.

What Should I Consider when Selecting Stone?

The natural beauty of stone is timeless and there is a broad spectrum of different applications, stones, colours and finishes available.

STONE COLOUR AND PATTERN: An extensive range of natural stones and finishes are available. Variations in colour, pattern, and texture provide limitless design potential. Colours ranging from golden browns and tans, to rustic reds and oranges, to buff greys and whites.

SOLID STONE or STONE CLADDING: Whether to select solid stone or stone cladding for your project will depend on various factors. For example is there a pre-existing masonry wall, is the wall a retaining wall, how many corners are required, will the wall have capping, is the wall double sided or only seen from one side.

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