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Retaining walls

Retaining walls

Swannell Paving and Landscaping specialise in all types of retaining walls. Retaining walls are major components within a landscape and has the ability to completely transform an outdoor space and dramatically increase the usable area. A retaining wall can providing additional outdoor entertaining areas or even allowing extensions to existing buildings. Swannell Paving and Landscaping have been building and replacing retaining walls for over 24 years.

Skilled and Correct Design and Construction is Key

Poor retaining wall design and construction can result in retaining wall failure and they can be a potential danger. The earth that they retain is constantly moving and the lateral pressure exerted by the soil and groundwater can make retaining walls sag, crack, bulge, lean, produce large gaps, or collapse. Often times, the only way to fix a failed retaining wall is to tear it out and rebuild it.

Working with a Swannell Paving and Landscaping, retaining wall specialists, who will take the time to skilfully and carefully design and construct your retaining wall is key to achieving a functional and long lasting result.

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